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   Albert Monteys
He is fully established int he Spanish market since the nineties mainly in “El Jueves” magazine. He is founding member of the “a Penya” collective along other art students, who were awarded the main Award at the Salón del Cómic in Barcelona in 1994 for their book “Mondo Lirondo”....

   Alex Cal (Vigo, 1985)
He´s been drawing since he´s got reason, he studied art at the “Escola Joso”, where he learnt from teachers and students alike. He was pupil of Norberto Fernández, who would become his good friend and pass on a lot of knowledge to him....

   Alfons Font
He is one of our most relevant authors after over 30 years in the business. He started in the 60´s and after some time in Paris, he came back to Spain to take on all genres....

   Alfonso Azpiri (Madrid, 1947)
With a long history in the art world, he has become one of the most renowed artists in our country. He made his debut in the seventies with a story for the magazine “Trinca”, named “Two fugitives in Malasia”. Some other science-fiction stories for the same magazine followed up. He established himself with “Zephid”,...

   Alfonso Zapico (Blimea, 1981)
He studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Oviedo, which earned him work in comics, animation and general press. He would start off in comics in the French-Belgian market in 2006 with “Le guerre du proffeseur Bertenev” for “Paquet” which was published widely in Europe and got him several awards in France....

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